> Hokkaido July--G8

subway posters
landing in Asahikawa
monk induction 2
pick of the litter
pick of the litter part 2
helicopter circling the park in Sapporo
"shoot down the communist guerrillas"
the riot police rush in to separate rightists from anarchists
a leftist/union protest march
with strong police escort
riding in the truck later
portrait at the park
protest placard-- "war criminal"
G8 special beer
the end of the line
the dog was cute, fat, and friendly
cops with a sound-meter (to see if the rightists are over the db limits)
a pun in the name of the tea I bought for some rightist protestors
bike ride to the fountain
horse in the evening
perhaps this one was chuukaku-ha?
part 2
pat down
following the japanese FBI (NPA) agents' car through a checkpoint
the broken flagpole (clash btwn rightists and anarchists)
long faced Kinta and Sapporo tower
much appreciated
freedom through rock'n'roll dancing
part 2
very cool drummer
a unintended victim
activist tan-lines
we met on a lonely corner in Susukino
useless trash-boxes
carry on
early on at the melee
nice dog
megaphone and flag, addressing the passersby
fountain in the park
ready to phalanx
the head of the procession
the tail of the procession
 a not-at-all-phallic sound meter