> Fuji in Sept 2002


This is an album of pics from my first climb of Mt Fuji (its on tap for June again this year) with Matt and Sameer in September of 2002. We had a fun but rather nasty slog of it, with pretty bad weather the whole time. Still, it was great fun and I look forward to doing it in better (view) weather in the future.

We rode the Chuo line out to Kawaguchiko and got a ride up to the 5th station from my old host mom Mariko's friend Marcia. The climb is supposed to be culminated with a view of the sunrise from the top of the mountain. That means most people either head up in the afternoon and stay at a hut, wake up in the early morn and do the rest, or, if they are cheap/poor like us, start later at night and try to time it to hit the top around 4 am. We jumped the gun a bit. And there was no sun until we got back down. But you get the idea.

Be forewarned: there are many triumphant-mugging-for-the-camera shots