> Party at Blake Manor


This is a series of pics from the weekend of September 11th and 12th, 2004. I hosted a party at Blake Manor in New Haven and was happy to welcome men from all over the United States. We told stories, we drank beer (even me! one anyway...), we climbed hills. We would have appreciated more women around, but, like sailors off to sea, we did with what was available.

Special guests:

John flew in from Brazil on his way home to Redlands

Cory and Will
Will flew to Pittsburgh, and he and Cory drove out for the party

Ryan flew into New Haven's own Tweed Airport (that's really the name) from LA

Tyler was back from Tokyo for a month in the US, and drove out from Wisconsin!

Ted, Adam, Brad (and Anne)
All made the trek out from Brooklyn (and Anne from Cambridge before that)

Drove all the way from New Milford, CT, about an hour away. But the truck he drove is so huge, it felt like it took a lot longer.

John's friend from UCR, now studying at Harvard, took a train down for the shindig